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Embroidered Monogram for the Velvet Ring Box

The Family Joolz

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Embroidered Monogram for the Velvet Ring Box
Embroidered Monogram for the Velvet Ring Box
Embroidered Monogram for the Velvet Ring Box
Embroidered Monogram for the Velvet Ring Box
Embroidered Monogram for the Velvet Ring Box



I do carry non-standard colors that I can use. Please ask. I have lots of lovely thread. There may be an extra charge for this.

An embroidered monogram will be stitched onto your box top before construction. The letter, symbol, logo, etc., will be integrated into the top of your box in your choice of color and script, making a beautiful (and unique) addition that will never scrape off, chip, flake, or otherwise melt or mar your velvet.

Please see the photos for font names and samples.

Please choose your letter from the first drop down and your font and thread color from the others. TFJ is all uppercase.

All font offerings now can be added to all velvet boxes.  For wood box engraving please go here: https://www.thefamilyjoolz.com/products/wood_engraving_01

Logos and personal emblems can be embroidered if the size of your design is appropriate. Please contact us for these specifics.

Returns will not be accepted based on a letter that you don't like, that you chose. Please make sure in the samples above that you have the letter you want and the font you would like as well.


Please inquire about custom logos or emblems

There are NO RETURNS OR REFUNDS on boxes with monograms. Please keep this in mind.


Q: Can you monogram my existing box made by you or another company?

A: No, I cannot monogram boxes that are constructed and purchased ahead, or by another company. The monograms go on before the construction of your box is complete and this step cannot be reversed, unlike a foil stamp, which is merely bonded by heat on an unstable surface.

Q: May I have more than one thread color?
A: yes, but there may be an extra fee for this. If it's a reasonable request, you can expect a reasonable price.

Q: Can you monogram my logo onto a Family Joolz box for resale or presentation of my own product?
A: Yes, I can, but there is a one time fee to have your logo digitized into a stitchable image, and/or resized to fit. A small TFJ tag will remain in the bottom of the box you purchase per law.

Q: Can you monogram the inside of my box lid?
A: Yes, We can do that, however, we have an embossing listing for that: https://www.thefamilyjoolz.com/products/embossing_01

Q: Can I mix fonts on one box?

A: Yes and No. You must choose one font only, per pattern. We can use one font on the box top, another on the inside, but cannot mix them on one pattern.

Q: What if I change my mind about font choices or colors?
A: You may message me to make a change BEFORE I have stitched and constructed your box. Afterwards? You must purchase a new box because I have to construct a new box.

Q: Can I put more than one letter on a single box?
A: Yes. (as long as they can fit) Each letter must be purchased with this listing. So, if you wanted ABC on your box, you would add two of this listing to your cart and purchase with a note that you wanted all three letters on one box and order of letter presentation. We offer two letters or symbols for the price of three in most cases.

We are excited to offer this special service to you, our lovely customers. Thanks for taking the time to read the listing carefully. It is a lot of information to process. ASK QUESTIONS! THAT'S WHAT WE ARE HERE FOR! IT IS CALLED CUSTOMER SERVICE AND WE ARE HAPPY TO PROVIDE IT TO YOU. OUR GOAL IS A HAPPY CUSTOMER. 😍

Thanks from The Family Joolz to you

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