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Antique Blue Three Ring Box for Stackers

The Family Joolz

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Antique Blue Three Ring Box for Stackers
Antique Blue Three Ring Box for Stackers
Antique Blue Three Ring Box for Stackers
Antique Blue Three Ring Box for Stackers
Antique Blue Three Ring Box for Stackers
Antique Blue Three Ring Box for Stackers

She is the most important thing in the world to you. Her ring symbolizes your love and commitment to her, and her commitment to you.  She deserves a Family Joolz ring box.  Her rings do, also.  For someone so precious, only the best will do.  Handmade especially for you with silk velvet and grosgrains to match or complement, we meticulously construct each box on our small working equine farm, in our custom built studio to your exacting standards.

Give her ring the most elegant home available today. Give her a Family Joolz ring box.

Our triple stacker ring box was the first of its kind, developed exclusively by us, here at The Family Joolz for the new trend of  triple wedding suites. Two guard rings surrounding the engagement ring requires a box that can hold all three rings in one beautiful box.  whether oval, square, octagon, or rectangle, we have a triple stacker for her unique set.  While many have attempted to copy our unique designs, none are handmade except ours, and ALL are inferior copies that are imported from China.   

Because we source our raw materials from small, women owned American businesses, using the very finest ribbon and velvet available on the market today, our ring boxes meet a unique niche in the wedding industry market that no other ring box seller can fill.  As a women-owned small business,  finding the perfect suppliers that ticked these boxes was very important to me. In many cases, these raw materials can be more expensive, however, the quality of our finished product makes the expense worth every extra penny spent. 

Our ring boxes are fully customizable, something no other ring box seller can offer.  Chinese manufactured boxes come fully assembled, so there are no sewn monogrammed box tops or color change options available elsewhere.  These triple slotted velvet beauties make the perfect place to store that precious stack of symbolic rings in the colorway you desire and choose, with a monogram that stands the test of time, since it is a permanent part of the box and is added before the top is built, not stamped on as an afterthought.  Our unique designs provide ample space for a stacking set of rings, while keeping them safely nestled inside their velvety depths.

Embroidered Monogram

You may add a monogram to the top of all velvet box colors and styles. If you would like to personalize your box with an embroidered letter monogram, please visit and add our monogram listing to your cart with the box here: Velvet Monogram Listing

Embossed Lid

If you would like to add an embossing to the inner lid of the box, you may do that by adding this listing to your cart: Embossed Ring Box Lid.

Inner Paper Décor

You can also add alternate paper to the inside of your box with this listing: Elegant Paper Décor Addon.

Custom Box Colors:

We have many colors of grosgrain ribbon and velvet in stock and can do custom color orders. If you would like to order a custom color combo that fits your ring hue, wedding theme, or favorite colors you can message us with your choices.

First photo by Nicole Barr. All pictures copyrighted. Please contact me prior to using these images.

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