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Ombré Gray Velvet Ring Box

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Ombré Gray Velvet Ring Box
Ombré Gray Velvet Ring Box
Ombré Gray Velvet Ring Box
Ombré Gray Velvet Ring Box
Ombré Gray Velvet Ring Box

This deliciously decadent silver and medium grey 3 Ring Box was handmade by me and created especially for a lady ( or gentleman in a darker color) to store her/his rings bedside at night. The size of approximately 4 x 2 inches is a nice little size ring box, yet substantial enough to hold three rings of varying widths and heights. I find it comfortable to take my rings off at night but don't like to leave the little objects set on my nightstand or in a drawer where pieces can get knocked about and lost during the night. Three ring slots is a perfect number for those who might wear a wedding set on one hand and a right hand ring on the other. One slot could be used for earrings, as well.
The box top sits tightly and prettily atop the bottom, forming one piece that stays together should it get knocked off a dressing table or bedside table at night. Also nice on a bathroom shelf to hold those rings we know we should take off before showering, yet don't, for fear of losing them.
The box itself is a lovely thing and compliments any room and can be custom made in any color available. Please see list of colors in individual ring box listings or below, in variation choices. The turn around time for this box is about 3 weeks. Perfect for wedding ceremony and ring exchange for a woman's two rings and a mans wedding ring.

Embroidered Monogram

You may add a monogram to the top of all velvet box colors and styles. If you would like to personalize your box with an embroidered letter monogram or even a three letter monogram, please visit and add our monogram listing to your cart with the box here: Velvet Monogram Listing

Embossed Lid

If you would like to add an embossing to the inner lid of the box, you may do that by adding this listing to your cart: Embossed Ring Box Lid.

Inner Lid Fun Paper Decor

You can also add alternate paper to the inside of your box with this listing: Fun Paper Decor Addon.

I do make custom boxes of other sizes and can make you your own box. Just message me and tell me what you have in mind. Box making is a very intricate skill, but so much fun, especially picking the colors and contrasting colors and designing the box dimensions. Let me make your custom ring box today.

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