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Wood and Velvet Oval Burl Ring Box

The Family Joolz

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Wood and Velvet Oval Burl Ring Box
Wood and Velvet Oval Burl Ring Box
Wood and Velvet Oval Burl Ring Box
Wood and Velvet Oval Burl Ring Box

This lovely and unique box is hand made by The Family Joolz in our shop for you. We use a wood burl to make the beautiful patterns, swirls, and imperfections that are so distinctly singular to burls.

A burl is an abnormal overgrowth of wood that forms on a limb or part of the trunk of a tree that is prized by wood workers.

Burls cannot be forced and occur naturally in most hardwoods. They are sourced by taking walks and looking for them, or purchased from others who have done so. Burls may have hollows or imperfections, pits and dark swirls where the wood ring pattern has been interrupted. Working with a burl is a delicate and often time consuming endeavor. The wood density is not consistent and there can be hollows or empty spots that interrupt the production and require filling or patching. Most of the time, if the pit or hollow doesn't affect function, it is left alone for decorative purposes. Your burl box may have 'perfect imperfections ' that will make it unique. Please understand the nature of your beautiful burl box before you purchase it. Any small pits or imperfections are not considered defects.

This beautiful oval box measures approximately 5 cm x 3.5 cm across and 4 cm tall.

You may request the color of velvet and ribbon.

These lovely boxes are special and are meant for a truly special ring. It can hold any man's ring and up to two women's rings depending on the size of the rings.

Please message me to request a custom burl box of your own for your wedding, proposal, or heirloom rings, cufflinks, or earrings.

All our wood is sourced ethically by The Family Joolz. Usually we find the burls on walks or drives. Some burls are very large and heavy, but all are unique and naturally beautiful.

Engraved Monogram

You may add a monogram to the top of all wood boxes. If you would like to personalize your box with an engraved letter monogram, please visit and add our monogram listing to your cart with the box: Engraved Monogram Listing

Embossed Lid

If you would like to add an embossing to the inner lid of the box, you may do that by adding this listing to your cart: Embossed Ring Box Lid.

Inner Lid Fun Paper Decor

You can also add alternate paper to the inside of your box with this listing: Fun Paper Decor Addon.

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