Smokey Blue Velvet Oval Ring Box

The Family Joolz

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Smokey Blue Velvet Oval Ring Box
Smokey Blue Velvet Oval Ring Box
Smokey Blue Velvet Oval Ring Box
Smokey Blue Velvet Oval Ring Box

This stunning smokey blue Oval Ring Box is beyond elegant for any wedding, wedding photo shoots, styled shoots or marriage proposals. The oval shape is eternal and symbolizes the circularity of love, marriage, and family. The smokey blue oval ring box is unique and one of my favorite designs. My handmade boxes are each made to order for you by me. I design, create, and produce these lovely oval ring boxes so that each one is uniquely yours, yet each box will be uniform in size and look. If I would not be thrilled to receive the box it doesn't leave my shop.

This Family Joolz original design is borrowed from vintage ring boxes of the early 20th century. If it isn't the Family Joolz, it's not an oval ring box.

While the nature of handmade dictates that each box will be uniquely yours, you rest assured that all of our materials are USA sourced and the boxes are constructed to be a family heirloom, right here in the United States.

The tiny smokey blue oval box is roughly 5 cm wide and 4 cm deep while the medium size oval ring box is about 6 cm wide and 4.5 cm deep. Both boxes stand almost 4 cm tall when closed.

Embroidered Monogram

You may add a monogram to the top of all velvet box colors and styles. If you would like to personalize your box with an embroidered letter monogram or even a three letter monogram, please visit and add our monogram listing to your cart with the box here: Velvet Monogram Listing

Embossed Lid

If you would like to add an embossing to the inner lid of the box, you may do that by adding this listing to your cart: Embossed Ring Box Lid.

Inner Lid Fun Paper Decor

You can also add alternate paper to the inside of your box with this listing: Fun Paper Decor Addon.

We, at The Family Joolz, restrict our suppliers to all small business owners who use domestic products, with the exception of the velvets themselves, since this gorgeous material is not manufactured here in the United States, yet. I know that no Chinese child or other unacceptable labor source is behind any aspect of my product or it's making.

My designs are my own, and I build each box for you, so you get exactly what you ordered.

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